a brief 10 minute presentation about the design of the :

A R T S and C R A F T S  C O N T I N U U M

…an emerging creative land use project

This presentation will briefly question the first two years of the design development and implementation of a unique project inspired by straightforward ideas which have been continually emerging and re-emerging within historic social interactions and over fifty years of personal design experience and reflection :

First question : Is it essential that people personally, collaboratively and creatively interact with their environment ?

 The English Arts and Crafts Movement answered that question quite beautifully. And as members of the 60’s Back-to-the-Land Movement, we were transformed intimately.

So, today, how do we design an educational process for creative renters to learn, work and profit independently and live collaboratively as gardeners, artists and artisans in a state of praxis using existing residences and work spaces on existing debt free land in Seattle, Port Townsend, Center, Chelan and Woodinville, Washington ?

Create a taxable, debt free, for-profit land/community/housing perpetual purpose trust ? Provide support for it’s beneficiaries ; a collective of self-organizing workers and renters ? Include resources like increasingly affordable farms, woodlands, furnished dwellings, gardening plots and work spaces operated collaboratively by participants ? Recycle income from the flexibly scheduled monthly rentals for educational work projects designed to improve the land, resources and lives of participants ? How could this concept replicate ?

related material :

Thinking as a minimalist :

10 minutes x 60 = 600 seconds   600 months = 50 years x 12    one month per second !

In a state of timely timeless-ness : 

The design process also needs to have a basis in perpetual purpose praxis.

Cooperatively employing a cycle of :  (Intuition) Intention Interaction Inspiration (Intuition)

The Arts & Crafts Continuum :


English Arts and Crafts Movement :

( Please watch the first and last 3 minutes of this 3 part series )


Over fifty years of experience of owning, occupying and renting Victorian and Craftsman Properties which were also rented to Artists and restored and maintained by Artisans.

Over forty years of creating Art, owning and operating a gallery and interacting with Artists.

1971 RPB UC DAA Architectural Senior Thesis on Communal Living with the architect as one participant designer recording the development of the collaborative project.

2013 RPB Whole System Design experiences at Antioch University Seattle culminating with the Belltown Synthesis Synthetic.

A few of the many Influencers :

John Peterson    Architectural Design Professor

Daniel Ransohoff      Over the Rhein Community Planner

Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal       Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Charles Sanders Peirce      Semiotic Society of America

John Ruskin and William Morris     English Arts and Crafts Movement

Biography - ron paul baum:

2020 - Present - Designer / Facilitator :  Arts and Crafts Continuum,  Seattle

IONS Institute of Noetic Science
          Conference Papers and Presentations - Oakland, California and Chicago, Illinois

SSA Semiotic Society of America
          Conference Papers and Presentations -  Berea, Kentucky and Portland, Oregon

2013 MA Whole Systems Design - Center for Creative Change -  Antioch University Seattle

2007- 2009 - Sammamish Valley Alliance Manager

2003 - present - community activist / artist 

2007 - Woodinville Citizen of the Year

1978 - 2003 ron paul baum - architectural illustrator  

1990 - present - owner/ director - WINDOWS art gallery,  Seattle 

1971 -  present - multi-discipline artist

1971-1974 - Housing Specialist and Community Planner
Victory Neighborhood Services
Walnut Hills Community Council,  Cincinnati, Ohio

1971 -  BS Arch - DAA University of Cincinnati
1965-1971 - UC Cooperative Work Experience :
Designer - Perkins and Will Architects  Chicago Illinois
Architectural Draftsman - Lawrence, Dykes and Goodenberger Architects  Canton,Ohio
Construction Laborer - William Lawrence Home Builder  Canton, Ohio

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